7 תגובות על “אין להתווכח

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    Another down fall of leasing is the walk through with the dealer after your lease is up. Every little chip, scratch and blemish must be fixed and can add up really quick. I’m not sure where everyone else lives, but in Edmonton they don’t seem to screen the sand they use on the roads. After each winter the front of my vehicles look like they went through a warzone with chipped paint and chipped windshields.

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    I am so sorry that I was unable to make it to the orientation date on September 10th. I was out of town and I did not know until I got back. Is there a day that I can come in or another orientation that is coming up? If not I am more than willing to come in and go through whatever needs to be done. I have both the Waiver and the Volunteer form. Please let me know what I can do to help :] Have a blessed day!


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