7 thoughts on “אז למה אני צריכה גרביים?”

  1. what they said and whether it's really true… But that's just me and my over-inquiring xD I really couldn't care less for whether they agree with me on a particular subject, but I would be sad if I found out that I had insulted them in some way.End of rant – have a nice day! 😀

  2. Beautiful ornament.. was it a lucky find in a random store, years past, or a source you could reveal? Its hard to find unique ornaments these days.. thx..

  3. elinors, när du klickar pÃ¥ ”visa” sÃ¥ ska du fÃ¥ fram bilderna du har i ditt bildarkiv. Klickar du pÃ¥ en bild ska du fÃ¥ fram knappen ”Skicka till redigeraren” som du klickar pÃ¥ för att bilden ska hamna i ditt inlägg. När bilden är i ditt inlägg kan du spara ditt inlägg sÃ¥ ska bilden dyka upp i din blogg.

  4. Ditto here. My project won’t be done until I can find time to really sit down without distractions and focus. It’s 12,000 right now and still seems to be growing, although I imagine much of that will be deleted in the editing. I was hoping for spring 2011, but we’ll see. The good thing is that so much has been pulled together.Bill Wren recently posted..

  5. Another ideologue, green zealot bent on further economic destruction. I guess nobody has placed the German delays and difficulties with offshore construction on his teleprompter. “Professor” Chu of Solyndra fame must be advising him on this as well.

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